Chattanooga Traffic Flagging





Hiring and Training

T.R. Moore & Associates conducts an extensive pre-employment background check and drug test on all applicants prior to job placement. Upon hiring, applicants go through the N.S.C. training program.

Our Flaggers also after successful completion of the National Safety Council's Training program will then move on to on the job training with some of our highly skilled traffic Flaggers.


Supervisors perform random spot checks on all traffic control personnel, to maintain our high standard of efficiency and safety, as well as clients' complete satisfaction.




We keep all of our equipment at one central location so we are ready to dispatch when the need arises. When ever our equipment is damaged, it is either repaired or replaced. We like our equipment to stay in a new or like new state.

Equipment Supplied

Certified Flagging Personnel 2-Way Radios
Caution Vehicle Stop/Slow Paddles
Appropriate Signs Proper Safety Clothing
Cones & Barrels  

Traffic Cones

We use 28" Traffic Cones with the retro-reflective collars so we are able to work in the early morning, evening, or even the middle of the night.

Traffic Barrels

We have a supply of barrels and barrel caution lights if that is your preference. We also rent out these barrels, ask about our rates on these barrels.

Arrow Board Trailer

We have an arrow board trailer for when the need arises. Ask about our rental rates on this trailer.


A lot of our work is involved around our Utility Companies. We specialize being around bucket trucks. Our people are trained to handle and watch for certain situations that may arise while the work crew is in the air.

We also do a lot of work with Tree Service Companies that do Utility Line Clearance. Our people are also trained to watch where the worker in the bucket is cutting to anticipate if we are going to have an obstruction in the road. This prevents accidents while on the job site.

We even respond to emergency calls, most of our response times are less than an hour, but can sometimes take up to a hour and a half depending on where the call is.


Our Traffic Control Flaggers are on call 24 / 7. Most of our calls are handled between 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. Flagmen drive out to the job-site and set up temporary traffic control work zones as per the M.U.T.C.D. 2009 Edition. We mainly work with utility and paving companies. Calls can vary in range from as little as 4-6 hours to as many as 12-15 hours. Since we are an "On-call" or "As-needed" status with our clients we cannot guarantee any amount of work. We try to distribute the work as fair as possible when it comes in. We try to keep 2 crews on stand-by for the day for jobs that come in.


All of our flagmen are certified through the National Safety Council. T. R. Moore & Associates, Inc, is pleased to announce that we have been a member of the National Safety Council since 2007.

Our Flagmen are certified in Tennessee and Georgia.


If you are interested in our Traffic Control Services, please contact our Traffic Control Department.

T. R. Moore & Associates, Inc.
830 McCallie Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37403
Phone: (423) 266-6118
Fax: (423) 266-1066

Lane or road closures can be of vital importance in a utility or roadway construction project. When executed correctly, they can minimize risk within the work area, reduce delays for motorists and enhance productivity for the work crew.

T. R. Moore & Associates, Inc., can design a lane or road closure to meet your specific needs. We can safely close one or both directions of any roadway. Our experience includes, but is not limited to; lane closures on two-lane roads, right lane closures, interior lane closures, temporary road closures, stationary lane closures or double lane closures on a multi-lane road. We can also determine if a detour route is necessary and sign accordingly.