TR Moore History

T.R. Moore & Associates is the oldest Security company in Chattanooga, Tennessee. T.R. Moore & Associates has been providing professional service to the Chattanooga Business Community since 1951, and we have clients that have been with the company for over 30 years.

T.R. Moore and Associates has now added traffic control and flagging to its portfolio of professional services; and approached it with the same ethics and professionalism that has kept T.R. Moore and Associates in good standing with the business community for more than 60 years.

T.R. Moore & Associates desires to work with our clients, not simply for them. This philosophy helps our flaggers become part of your work crew, and it instills in them a heightened sense of loyalty to you and your company.

T.R. Moore & Associates is a regional company. We live and work in the Chattanooga metro area. Our reputation for professional and responsible job performance is how we survive and grow in the competitive world of business.

For Certain Clients, we do travel outside the Chattanooga area for extended periods of time. For example with one of our clients, during the summer months, our employees come home Saturday evening and return back to work Monday morning.

On a daily basis, T. R. Moore deploys to approximately 15 - 20 work zones in the Chattanooga Area, most involving our Traffic Control Technicians (flaggers). Our standard Flagging operation consists of two individuals who completely set up, manage and tear down the work zone. Our flaggers, protect your project personnel by monitoring the work zone throughout your operation. We also provide safe, courteous and concise guidance to motorists traveling through the work zone.

T. R. Moore & Associates, Inc. differs from other traffic control companies by insisting on a higher training standard. We are a proud member of the National Safety Council (NSC), and train our flaggers to meet or exceed their standards. T. R. Moore & Associates, Inc. not only meets but exceeds existing governmental traffic control regulations. We also allow for our highly trained employees to set up, manage and tear down your work zone.



Contractors License Information:

We are a Tennessee State Licensed Contractor.

Our License # is 61197 and expires 6/30/2018.

You can verify our license status below.

Department of Commerce & Insurance/TN
500 James Robertson Parkway
Davy Crockett Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243-1204
(615) 741-2241

Insurance Information:

T.R. Moore & Associates Flagmen are N.S.C. certified and provided with:

$1,000,000 in professional liability

$4,000,000 in Excess/umbrella liability and Automobile liability

$1,000,000 and worker's compensation insurance.

We have our insurance company send our clients our Insurance Accord which confirms all of the amounts above.